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Is God really boring?

Most people who don't knowthe nature of God, think that he is so boring. Why is this so?

Is it because our traditional thinking combined with thinking passed down from our forefathers has defined God and made him into an icon?

An icon that is so unapproachable, something so religious that we cannot possible relate to it. Something unapproachable, is that it in a nutshell, have we made God into a something?

God is not a something he is a someone, a person who has a personality, a character, a mind, a will. He has emotions, he laughs, he cries, he gets angry, he gets overjoyed.

But how can this be, these characteristics, sound so human, but that is the problem, we have been told that God is so above us that we cannot know him and most people are so indifferent to him, that they don't want to know him.

Countless generations have felt as though they have had God and the things of God rammed down their throats, so that many are offended by him, they even get angrywhen his name is mentioned.

They feel threatened when others talk about him. They feel as though others are always wanting to force their belief system on them.

The difference is that God is not a belief system, he is not some kind of an idea dreamed up in someone's imagination.

He is not a crutch for insecure people, who have no backbone and most of all, he is not unapproachable.

But how can we possiblyrelate to him?

Imagine this, you had a brother whom you totally ignored. Because you never talk to him, you develop the idea that your brother is not the sort of person you want to be around.

You think that he is unapproachable, you just don't like him, you cannot put your finger on it, but you just don't want to be around him.

Then one day, you get into a long conversation with him and you find out that what you thought about him, was in fact the very opposite of the real him.

You find out that you were totally mistaken about his character. He turns out to be kind, compassionate, loving, fun to be around, full of the sort of qualities that you yourself in fact admire and even desire.

Qualities that you wish you possessed, that you would like to be a part of your life andcharacter.

You so begin to admire him, that you wish that one day you could be like that.

God is like that, in the main, totally misunderstood, mistaken and ignored.

For Generations, he has had the worst kind of media and press team around him, a team that instead of promoting him, built an icon image around him, and made Him into a religion, which is the very opposite of who he is.

God is not a religion, religion is man's idea of who they think God is, complete with man made rules and regulations that dictate how our lives should be lived, according to man's idea of what God requires. God is the very opposite of religion.

So what is he really like?, someone who is so interested and concerned about us, someone who loves us so much, a Love that will die for You!, that all he wants, is that we become like him

This is the kind of Father he is,the kind who wants to call us out into the middle of a stream, on a hot summers day.

At first you are apprehensive of him, you have heard bits about him and those bits were not good

You are apprehensive, because the water is a bit cold and besides that His reputation is of someone who is so strict and unapproachable, you have heard is that he is someone who is distant, cold, so holy and pure, that the last thing he want to do is to be around someone like you.

But you push yourself out, mainly out of curiosity. When you get into the middle, he turns to you and smiles, then begins to flick water on you.

Soon you are both flicking water on each other, amid howls of laughter and joy. You are falling around in the water, just having the best, most awesome time together.

Here is a true Father, that longs to have this kind of real relationship with you, Oh how he longs to fill your life with good things, blessings, laughter and hope.

But we have compartmentalised him, boxed him into a model, made him into someone that you avoid at all costs

Start right now and begin to get to know the Father of truth, by getting to know Jesus, his Son. Jesus says, if you have seen me, you have seen the Father and again, no man comes to the Father except through me.

That's not arrogance, saying that all other religions are wrong, it is simply saying, in this relationship, with a real Father, the way to know him is through the real Son.

First things first, to know Jesus you have to be born again. to be born again you have to want to know your destiny, to want to know the real you, to want to know God.

Don't put it off another minute, you too can know the love of a true Father, who is longing for you to know him, click here and we will help you to receive him, we will help you to be born again. 



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