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Dealing With Depression


Is depression affecting you, but your doctor is calling it stress? There is light at the end of the tunnel, relief from lethargy and an end to the feeling that nothing seems to matter anymore. Would you like to close the door on looking at everything so negatively?


Depression, is the total inability to pull out of what seems like a huge black hole with no bottom and no sides,


When depression is conquered, this is what it feels like. A gradual move from the despair of depression periods that ran into weeks, to experiencing for the first time, long periods totally free. Depression free periods begin to grow longer and longer and depression attacks less and less frequent.


Then comes the realisation, that depression is being overtaken by long periods of peacefulness and finally, the joy of complete absence of the symptoms of depression.


How can this happen, how can complete victory over depression occur, how can someone come to a place where they virtually forgot what depression feels like?


In order to answer this, let's look at what depression is. Depression is both a state of mind and a total overwhelming of the emotions. It appears to the person suffering to be uncontrollable and impossible to counteract, as it takes over their life and begins to control their destiny.


To understand what is happening, we need to first establish who we are, the real you


You are a three part being:-


1. You are a spirit, you don't have one, you are one. Your spirit is the real you, who you really are, your spirit is eternal and will exist forever.

2. You have a soul, consisting of your mind, your will and your emotions. In your soul is contained who you think you are, formed over many years, from parents, teaching, friends and your relationship with your world and the people in it, together with your life experiences.

3. You live in a body,


One day, your body will die and your spirit and soul will leave, for a destination in one of two places.


Depression is a result of a sick spirit


At this point we need to pause and say that nobody was born depressed.




To find out more read our section entitled is suicide the answer?


The root cause of depression is an absence of hope leading to hopelessness. When hope is lost in a person, caused by situations or circumstances, that loss of hope invariably leads in to a progression. Hopelessness leads to disappointment to despair and despair to depression.



We are living in a time where there is a sense of hopelessness, a generation of people without hope, particularly many young people.


Many have placed their hope in the things around them, or in people they know. As a result they have lost hope, because things did not happen the way they expect or want, or else when people they know let them down, they become disillusioned.


When we place our hope in the things around us and in other people we will end up disillusioned every single time.


Why is this? because when we become disillusioned, we start to live our lives operating out of a sick spirit.


Proverbs 13:12 says lost hope makes the heart sick, but when hope is regained it becomes a tree of life.


The good news is that when hope is regained, it becomes a tree of life!  literally an anchor for our lives growing out of a tree within us, filled with branches and fruit full of hope.


A tree grows from a small seed, your life grows from a small seed.


Like seeds in the ground, the words you speak and the words spoken to you are being planted and are growing everyday on the inside of you.

Positive words grow positive results, like a tree that grows fruit, the fruit grows from a tiny word seed planted on the inside of you.


Negative words grow negative results. So the fruit or result of positive words is encouragement, hope love, kindness, negative words cause despair, un fulfillment, meaninglessness and disillusionment.


We need a hope that will be constant so that when we put our confidence in that hope it will not disappoint us. We need hope to be based on the words we speak and the words spoken to us, positive words received, negative words rejected.


Many people hope things will happen, but they have no substance for it to happen, so when it doesn't, they lose hope. If you have no hope or no blueprint, then you have no destiny, no direction for life.


Hope is the picture of what is yet to be born into your life.


If there are situations in your life that are not as they should be, or as you want them to be, starting to speak positive words will sow into your life for a positive outcome, positive words will grow on the inside of you just like the tree of life.


In the Bible, Peter started out looking at what the world was doing to Jesus, he was afraid and was losing his hope, because it was based on circumstances, that somehow the Romans would just free Jesus, with a strong warning or something.


He totally lost all hope when Jesus was condemned to death and he cock crowed just as Jesus had foretold.


After Jesus was crucified, Peter had all but given up on life and went back to fishing.


But when Jesus was raised from the dead, a resurrected Jesus called to Peter from the seashore, He then had breakfast with him and Peter was filled with hope, so much hope that he later began to perform the same kind of miracles that Jesus had done, raising from the dead, healing all. and writing a large portion of the New Testament.


This from a man who was at the point of total despair and no hope when the cock crowed, to a powerhouse when Jesus restored him to a man filled with supernatural hope.


He finished up so filled with hope that whatever words he used, it became so. When he said to the dead and sick arise, they did so!


You can be filled with this kind of hope, when you speak the words that Jesus spoke and the words of Jesus that Peter spoke


When your hope is anchored in the words that Jesus spoke, the word of God, not in the words of men and women. Then the promises of God contained in those words will change the picture or image on the inside of you into the image of Jesus our hope of Glory.


These words then literally grow like a tree, into a changed life, changed for all eternity.


The first step on this journey is to receive Jesus into your heart  Why? so that you will be saved, saved from what? suicide and destruction and that he will then guide you into all his truth.


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