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Let's look at some common questions about whether God exists or not


1. If God really does exist, surely Science and Technology are proving that God is a myth


2. If God is around how come we can't see him?


3. Why does God let man's inhumanity to man continue?


4. Why would a loving God, allow all the suffering in the world?


5. Why do all the babies die in wars and why is there so much pain, suffering and why are people starving all over the world?


6. If there really were a God, wouldn't he sort everything out, why doesn't He do the right thing on earth?

To look at the question of whether God exists, or if he really is a myth, we must ask the question, what evidence do we have that he does not exist.


Surely Science and Technology are proving that God is a myth.


Science deals with theories, then utilises experiments to prove and validate the theory which, when qualified is then accepted as a viable scientific principle.


The principal is further validated when it can be measured and reproduced by others using the same experimental methods and principles, it then becomes accepted by the scientific community as scientific fact.


An example of an established scientific principle is the theory of gravity, which by repetitive experimentation is now established as a scientific fact.


Gravity can be described as a natural phenomenon by which all physical bodies attract each other. It is most commonly experienced as the agent that givesweight to objects with mass and causes them to fall to the ground when dropped.


Since science and technology deals with what is measurable and can be repeated by experimentation, in the case of God, the concept of God cannot be measured and qualified by experimentation, since God is Spirit (Joh 4:24) and by known methods if spirit exists it cannot be measured.


This explains why God, if He exists and is indeed spirit, cannot be seen  by the natural eye. Gravity is also unseen but can be validated by repeatable experimentation, the concept of God cannot.


Since scientific methods cannot be used to explain the concept of God, there remains rational thought, logic and conjecture to validate God.


But since God is Spirit and Spirit is outside of our known rationality, logic and conjecture, this method brings us only to a conclusion based upon personal opinionand experience.
To apply personal opinion and simply say that we do not believe God exists, is to leave ourselves in a stale mate position of no discussion, but more than this it would be to close our minds offto the possibility that he does exist.


That would be narrow minded and shallow, you owe it to yourself, to find out if he is real, why, well for one thing your future and eternity may depend upon it.


There are almost as many opinions about who God is as there are sands on the sea shore, yet every opinion is just  that, an opinion of who mankind thinks that God is, this is called religion (a word derived from a Latin word religio, meaning a return to bondage).


religion has been developed by mankind to attempt to explain and interpret who they think and to establish rules and regulations which dictate how mankind should conduct their lives in order to be pleasing to whomever the religion defines as God.


This causes mankind to be held in a form of bondage to religious thinking, because it is not defining who God is, but rather it is defining who mankind thinks that God is.


Living life is then locked in a cycle bounded by all the rules and regulations as dictated by the religious dogma and doctrine.


If God exists who is He?

Religion is one of the prime reasons that many have been turned from finding out for themselves.


If God really does exist. Since the dictates of the religion define how they should live their lives, they conclude that this is how the god of that religion is dictating to them how they should live their lives.


This accounts for the vast number of different religions that exist in the world, they are so numerous because they have been developed by mankind.


Elements of religions or religious thinking that are deemed acceptable and in line with a persons own thinking and opinion cause themto be attracted to that religion.


The religions of the world attempt to answer all of life's questions and to give reason and meaning to the unexplained, they are mans attempt at explaining who God is. 


In addition  there is a belief by some that they are atheist and they conclude that they don't believe in God and that therefore God does not exist.


To say that someone or something does not exist simply because I don't believe it is as futile as saying I don't believe that a man called Pedro Gonzalez is alive and well and living in Mexico, because I have never seen him.


Or that radio waves do not exist because I have never seen them, sight , logic, reasoning or intellect are not a good indicators of existence.



1. For this reason we cannot look to Science and Technology to answer the question as to whther God exists, because they deal with what can be seen,touched, measured and tested


It is a wasted exercise to say that we don't believe in anything until we see it. To believe in nothing is impossible we all believe in something, so to say that we don't believe in God what we are really saying is that we believe in something, or someone else.


 The best that we can conclude if we say that God does not exist, is to conclude that in my finite brain, inside my head, God does not exist,.


For it is impossible at this point in time to know the far reaches of the galaxy and beyond and is therefore just as impossible for me to say  that God does not exist.


But what I would really be saying is that for me God does not exist and thereby hangs the problem.


The important question is not to prove or disprove to mankind categorically whether God exists or not, but find out for oneself  'if for me God exists' this is how the bible interprets the way in which God desires to make himself known to mankind.


The bible calls it revelation (Matt16:13-17 amp) as Jesus said, it does not matter who men say that I am, but who do YOU say that I am?




So lets us look at the main source of evidence that he may exist, that source is the Bible, the Word of God. Now why is it the word of God, can't it be myth, or part true and part fiction.





In considering if the bible is part true and part fiction, we cannot determine which parts may be true and which parts could be fiction.


We must either totally reject the word of God as fantasy, which would then bring us round to the point we reached above, with nodiscussion. possible 


Or we must totally accept that the Bible is indeed what it says it is, the very Word of God.


After all if it is part true and part false, who is the one to decide which parts are true and which parts are false?


 So let us assume for the sake of  progressing in the discussion, that The  Bible, is the Word of God and is indeed true.


Now we can set the ground rule based on  the Word of God, which states that ALL Scripture is God breathed 2 Tim 3:16-4:1 that is,


that different men wrote the bible in separate sections over a vast time, under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, who is God, (Rom 8:9

amp) which means we have to look  at and consider every word in the Bible,  not just consider some parts and reject  others


 So let's look at who God is according to  His Word

 God is not a man that He should lie. (Num 23:19)

 God is not the author of confusion. (1 Cor 14:33)

 If God said it He will bring it to pass, and if He spoke it He will surely do it. (1 Thes 5:24, Is 14:24)

 God is not divided; He will not say one thing  and do something contrary (Mal 3:6) so what God has said. Let the Word of God be the final authority. (2 Timothy 3:14-17 amp)


2. So Why can't we see God, why  doesn't he just reveal himself to all


 The Word of God, declares that God  is all around us (Proverbs 15:3)


 God is Spirit and as such he is invisible to the naked eye,  but visible to the spirit eye.


So what does God look like, Jesus says if you have seen me, (John 14:9) you have seen the Father (John 14:9)


So by getting to know Jesus, who is the Word of God, (John 1:1) we will at the same time come to know Our  Heavenly Father, our God.


 Which is why Jesus says, no man comes to the Father, except through me. (John 14:6)


Notice he did not say by me, for it is through beginning to know Jesus personally, that we come.



That is not a proud and arrogant boast, saying that all religions are wrong., it is simply stating what the word of God says, that Jesus came to earth, died mon the cross and rose again, that by and through him, we can have a real relationship with a real Father and spend eternity in Christ in heaven.


You may have heard the phrase eternal life, as if it is a promise  for some certain few, who choose the way of a select religion.


But  the truth is we all have eternal life, through an eternal soul (our soul is our mind, will and emotions) and our human spirit that will live forever, but we get to choose where we spend eternity?  heaven or hell, because hell was never intended for us, but if we want to go there it is our free choice, we have free will,


The Father wants us to spend eternity with him, but he will not force us.



Jesus is now in heaven, (Eph 4:8) but he sent someone to teach us lead us and guide us, as to how we can have this personal and  intimate relationship with the Father, through Jesus His Son.


 That someone is called the Holy Spirit, he is also a real  person  and he is here on earth to reveal the truth of God's word, Jesus to us.


That we might know the truth and the  truth will make us free, (John 8:32) the truth is Jesus, he is the truth. (John 14:6)



So isn't the fact that there are three persons confusing, how do  we know who is who?


 I am glad you asked that it used to bother me as well.

But the answer is as statedin the Word of God, God is One Father (Matt 28:19 amp) manifest as the Son Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit.


Just as I am one person, but am a Father to my children, a husband to my wife and a grandfather to my grandchildren.


That we might come to know him and the truth of his resurrection, we know God, through Jesus, by the Holy Spirit.


3. So if God is all around, why is the world in such a mess, why does God let man's inhumanity to man continue?


To answer this, firstly we must look at the way we think


Traditional Thinking


Most of what we think of as original thought, is handed down from previous generations (Col 2:8)


 In our thinking, many times it seems as if God is not there, as though he does not and cannot exist, because everything that we see around us seems to be contrary to what he is saying in his Word.


 The awesome truth is that God does not exist in our thinking, (Is 55:8) 


God exists in a realm  above our natural thinking, his thoughts and  his ways are higher, (Is 55:8) than our thoughts and ways.


God wants to draw us  up into his higher thoughts and His ways, far above natural low thinking.


 But all the time we constantly want to bring  God down to our level, our way of thinking, to understand him and box him into a slot.


But God says, I have been down on your level  once. (Rom 10:6)

Now come up to my level (Rom 10:6)  into where miracles happen.


We cannot find God in our own thinking, he is not there (Eccl 8:17) and yet he is always tpresent, ready and willing to make himself known

We are not talking about religion here, we are talking about  someone who will change your life, by the demonstration of His  power, (Romans 12:2).


So that you will prove for yourself, God's goodness,(Romans 12:2) by the evidence of total change in your life (Romans 12:2)

 For this is God's purpose (1 John 3:8) that the Son of God gave up his right to be the Son of God, to come to earth and be the Son of  Man.


So that the sons and daughters of men could become the  sons and daughters of God.


Consider what the Bible says in Isaiah 5:3  the fool says in his heart, there is no God


The voice in your head

Everyday, each one of us experiences suggestions, ideas and thoughts that seem to pop up in our head.


We attribute these suggestions, ideas and thoughts, to the working of our own personality.


Many of these thoughts go against our better judgment and some thoughts we know are just plain wrong.


For example, ask yourself this, have you ever told a lie?


Everyone if they are completely honest would have to admit that they have, even though they sometimes try to justify it by calling it a white lie, or necessary lie.


What if the thoughts that you know are contrary to your better judgment, or are wrong thoughts, such as the temptation to lie, were not necessarily your own thinking and personality, but were initiated by external forces.


Somebody is and has been Lying to you for a Long Time!


Analyse the voice in your head and you will find that it talks to you about your fears, insecurities and inhibitions.


Telling you perhaps that you are not good enough, or telling you that you are too good to die when you are about to go bunjy jumping.


This voice tells you that you should eat more of the things you like, even though you are putting on wait at a rate of knots, or telling you as you look in the mirror that you are too fat, when in reality you are actually too thin, but what you see in the mirror is a fat person.


This voice, is the voice that lies to you continually and has done throughout your life.


6. I know that the last thing you want to hear about is God, but shouldn't you consider everything before you dismiss God?


Read the following and see if  you have experienced any of this kind of thinking.


The voice in your head wants you to :-

1. Believe that hefis stronger than God.


2. Believe the Word of Almighty God is not true.


3. To think badly of God


4. Believe that there is no such thing as absolute truth.


5. Believe that you don't have to worry about Satan, he does not exist.


6. Believe that God is boring,


7. Think that satan is not real, that hefs not a threat.


8. Believe that if God is real then the main thing He would want for you is that you are happy in this life and in this world.


9. Believe that Church is not important, or even irrelevant..


10.Believe that attending church once or twice a year is enough.


11. Think God is a tyrant.


12. Believe that following Godfs Word is just too hard and youfll never have any fun,


13. Believe that you are basically a good person and God is real, He will make an exception in your case and send you to heaven when you die.


14. Believe that there isnft going to be a Judgment Day.


15. Believe that if God is real, you have plenty of time to obey Him..h


16. Believe that God hates us, that He is a tyrant with a big stick to beat you over the head.


17. Be skeptical about God.


18. Believe that truth is always changing and all roads lead to Rome, that there are many ways to God.


19. Believe that if you cannot see God, He must not exist


20. Think that youfwill have another lifetime in which to try again.


21. Be suspicious of God.


22. Think God isn't really good, that He canft be trusted. That He is doing something to keep you from personal fulfillment.


23. Believe that God doesnft heal or perform miracles anymore


24. Believe that God is unapproachable,


25. Believe that this world is all there is. gHe wants you to believe that youfd better spend all your time getting everything you can while youfre here


26. Believe that youfre all alone.


27. Believe that free will is a myth.


28. The voice in your head, wants you to think you have to be perfect.


29. Believe that what you do canft possibly matter in the long run.


This voice suggests over and over again, just as it did in the beginning, 'Did God really say...?"


Now the serpent was more crafty (subtle, skilled in deceit) than any living creature of the field which the Lord God had made. And the serpent (Satan) said to the woman, gCan it really be that God has said (Gen 3:1 amp).


So, what about eternal life, isn't this life all there is?

You may have heard the phrase eternal life, but did you know that everyone has eternal life!


You see, you are a spirit and you have a soul, which is your mind, will and emotion, you don't have a spirit, you are one and your spirit is eternal and together with your soul, will live forever outside of your body.


Right now your spirit and your soul live inside your earthly body, which is like an earth suit container, to carry you around whilst you are on earth.


But when you die, your spirit and soul leave your body for eternity.


But it is your choice where and in which place you spend eternity.


Did you know that you are God's chosen person, he chose you from before the beginning of your life to be a joint heir of his kingdom.


5. Why I hear you say, if God chose me how come there is so much hopelessness and trouble in the world, everyday babies are killed and are starving.


4. Why does God allow untold misery and suffering in the world,

Yes, I agree, but now consider this, what if the same someone who talks to you in your head, telling you lie after lie were to turn out to be the same one that is responsible for suggesting in peoples thinking that they should commit all the barberous acts that cause untold misery and suffering in theworld.


To carry out all the death and destruction that we see around us every single day .?


What if this same one was at the root of suggestions that are causing the deaths of people, babies and the innocent who die in wars.


What if this same one is the very reason many are living in poverty, pain and are starving all over the world.


What if this same person orchestrated all of this by suggestion and persuasion, in such a way that a God whose very nature is to love, were to constantly get the blame?


Does this mean that all the blame would then lie with this one? He is certainly responsible for the root suggestion, but we are responsible by choice for making it a reality.


So if there is a God and He is all powerful, then surely He created the one that you claim is doing all the talking to me in my head!


That's exactly right he did create the very same one, he made him perfect and beautiful to behold, so beautiful in fact that he began to think that he was more important than the one who created him.


So one day he rebelled against God and was cast out of heaven, (Is 14:12-14) and now he seeks to ascend above God, to achieve this he is using the mind and emotions of people.


People who are so precious and special to God, he is using YOU!


If this one can persuade you that God is not real, then he gets you to spend eternity separated from God.


Since God loves you so much, that would hurt God immeasurably, it would grieve Him immensely and would be the very opposite of the purpose for which He created you.


That purpose was for you to become like Him a son or daughter of a living God


So are we stuck in this life, like useless pawns, being dragged backwards and forwards by a God and an anti god. If we remain outside of God, hopeless and desperate, yes we are.


But consider this, God has made a way of escape.(1 Cor 10:13)


Firstly God has determined some ground rules for the deception that satan can use, it can only come in the area that is common to man, that is he can only use suggestion in your mind and thinking, he cannot force you to do something, we have to choose to follow the suggestion, (1Cor 10:13 amp).


In other words, when you are living in the systems devised by man (and the one who is driving man, satan) you are open to the voices in your head seeking to lie to you, confuse you, deceive you and draw you into your ultimate destruction.


satan dwells in the pit that he is so desperately drawing you in to.


The way of escape is to begin to live in the ways that are NOT devised by men, but are devised by God, who cannot lie, or in other words God's system of operation


What is God's Will  for my Life?

That you begin to take control of your thinking, emotions, situations and circumstances, instead of them being in control of you!


How you can be in Control?


By being guided by the one who knows everything, the one who drew you into reading this page and is drawing you into the truth that will make you free, if you begin to receive His truth


In this world there are many ideas and concepts that purport to be 'truth', but in fact, there is only one truth that transcends this world, this truth is not and idea, a concept or an opinion, but He is a real person, who is alive forever more, his name is Jesus and we need to receive him into our lives, (John 3:3) so that He can begin to teach us how to be in control of all our situations and circumstances, by living in His system, the Kingdom of God's System, or God's way of doing things and being right.


What is God's System?

God's way for us to live (Gal 6:7) is based upon  seed time and harvest, (Mark 4:26-29) whatever has happened in our life is a result of what has been sown into our life, either by us, or someone else, nothing just happens.


Words are Seeds, (Gal 6:7) just like a seed which, when you plant it into soil, it grows, words also grow like seed, when planted into the right soil.


Jesus tells us that the right soil for the word seeds to grow, (Mark 4:13) is your heart, or your spirit, so how do you get the seed words into your heart.


Seed words are sown through the ears, the eyes and spoken by the mouth, the mouth is the most important, because when you speak, you hear and the words are sown into your heart.


There are two kinds of word seeds, good seed and bad seed, so all the words that we have spoken, or that others have spoken into our lives have, just like seeds, begun to grow.


Again like seeds, when they grow, they produce fruit, either good fruit, (Like 6:45) or bad fruit, this fruit, the result of word seed begins to shape and control our lives and ultimately our destiny.


Satan use the same method of planting word seeds into our thinking, he sows corrupt thoughts into our mind, for us to choose to take them, so that they grow and produce all kinds of torment, corruption, pain and suffering in our lives and in the lives of all those we come into contact with.


How do you Change Situations and Circumstances?


First begin to realise that every word is sown and that the life we live is now a result of every word that we have spoken, or that has been spoken in our mind (by satan) or spoken to or over us by others (again inspired by satan).


Not all wrong suggestions come through satan, many are generated by our own thinking, corrupt morals, perverted views, hardship and suffering that we experience can cause us to make wrong decisions.


In order to change our destiny, we need to change the words that we speak


Replace your Words with God's Words


To live in God's system or God's way of thinking, we need to speak God's words and live as God has designed for us to live. Why? so that we will begin to get the same results that Jesus got. (John 14:12)


 The first step toward knowing God, and to see him (John 3:3) Jesus is to be born again.


Why? so that you will be saved, saved from what? an eternity spent in the presence of torment, pain, suffering and destruction in the presence of  a destroyer Allow the Holy Spirit to lead and guide you into all his truth.


click the link below to find what it means to be born again.



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