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Links to Family Websites

Are there answers to your questions about Christianity, the Bible, family and marriage? Respected Christian ministries join together to tackle tough questions about life and the Christian faith. A Christian mega-site (multilingual, nonprofit)

Entertainment for Christians


CHRISTIAN SPOTLIGHT ON ENTERTAINMENT - FREE reviews of movies, games, and TV, plus online game play, Christian music and radio, multimedia, relevant articles, links, up-to-the-hour news and more. Use our concise, family-friendly reviews of today's movies, videos, TV programs and games - all written by Christians. You'll find careful recommendations and guidance for family viewing and play, and it's all interactive! Visitors share their insights to help produce the most well-rounded reviews available. See why Christian Spotlight is "the world's most popular Christian review site." (a nonprofit ministry, nondenominational, conservative, Bible-believing, and well respected for over 40 years)

Click here for Christian Spotlight's Guide to Games

Which games are fun and clean? Parents and kids, use these free eGame Reviews written by Christians. Interactive! Share your opinions. Christian Gamer Code. Christian Spotlight's Guide to Games reviews computer games, video games, on-line games and more.

Kid Explorers

Adventures in the rainforest! Fun for the whole family with games, activities, stories, answers to childrens' questions, color pages, and more! A popular Christian education and evangelism resource.


Kids, get out your Crayons or color on-line. Color your way through the Bible, plus animals, dinosaurs and alphabet pages. Available in various languages, including English, French, German, and Italian.

Christian Background MusicTM

Enjoy Christian music while you surf the Web!

Is Jesus Christ the answer to your questions?

Is Jesus Christ the answer to your questions?

Clear and effective original presentations of the gospel in multiple languages.

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Learn about Jesus

Answers to your skeptical questions about Jesus Christ. Who was he? Read the record, examine the evidence for his divinity, miracles, resurrection and claims.

Web Bible Online (TM)

Complete Bible online, cross-referenced with detailed answers to relevant questions, searchable, with access to various translations. Designed to be the Internet's most handy and attractive Bible.

About the Bible

Why is the Bible the world's most popular book? Learn what it's all about!

God's Story Online

Do you understand God's Story? Take a multimedia journey through the Bible, from Creation to eternity. Hear and read an exciting summary of the Bible's most important records, in chronological order.

Teen Qs

A popular destination for teenagers. Have fun and learn. Get answers to your questions about life and much more.

Archaeology and the Bible

Providing archaeological evidence in support of the Bible. Our team of experts answers your questions about the Bible and archaeology.

Creation SuperLibrary

Top choice for accurate, indepth information on Creation/Evolution. The SuperLibrary is provided by a team of experts who answer your questions on a wide variety of topics. Multilingual.

Creator's World

Creation resources (books, videos, software), available in many languages. Shipped same day, worldwide. Secure online ordering. Provided by Eden Communications.

Sex, Love & Relationships

Learn how to make your love the best it can be. Christian answers to questions about sex, marriage, sexual addictions, and more.

Valuable resources for Christian couples, singles and pastors.

Go to Life Before Birth

Have questions about life before birth, or a woman's choice about pregnancy and abortion? Visit this beautiful online presentation. Ask questions; get reliable answers.

Looking for ANSWERS about abortion, fetal development, sex and more? This attractive site provides them... accurately (including the hard questions). You can even submit new questions. A unique service presented by the Christian Answers Network.

Explore one of God's greatest miracles, LIFE... in this fresh, attractive presentation brought to you by the Christian Answers Network. Learn about the development of babies, and more, with answers to frequently-asked-questions, like: "Is the unborn human less than human at any stage?", "Doesn't a woman have the right to control her own body?", "Is abortion justifiable in case of rape or incest?", and many more.

Definitive answers to your questions about abortion, fetal development and more.

The Great Dinosaur Mystery OnlineTMTM

A dinosaur-size Web site where you'll discover a mountain of knowledge and amazing discoveries. How do dinosaurs fit into the Bible? You'll find the answer to this and many more of your questions. Play games, browse and learn. Includes many helps for teachers and parents. "The world's largest and most elaborate dinosaur site."


Detailed biblical parenting and marriage tips. Wondering how to deal with your children or spouse in the best Christian way? Learn what the Bible has to say. Practical answers supplied by experts.

Paradise Gardens -Christian videos and books

Select Christian videos, books and more. We pre-screen so you get only the best. Seven shops and lots of information. Evangelical, conservative, nondenominational.


Sharing Christ through the free distribution of Christian videos to prisons, jails & reformatories

Free, high-quality Christian video libraries provided to financially-needy prison chaplains for evangelism and discipleship. Nonprofit, nondenominational, biblical. Helping chaplains change hearts and lives.

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