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Renewing your mind


Prove to yourself-change is the will of God, the evidence that your mind has been  renewed is change


Change is the manifestation of renewal - change is a continuous process, it is a lifestyle


2 cor 5:17 a new creature, the old needs to pass away, get rid of the old and put on the new (word, new ideas and new thinking)

Rom 6:4 walk in the newness of life (not the oldness of life) and be renewed as a result. We cannot put on the new man if we are afraid of change


Col 3:9,10 renewed in the knowledge of him


Rom 2:4 repentance a change of mind and direction, God uses his goodness to lead us to change


Ps 55:19 no change, there is no fear (love) of God (because he loved us first


1. Make a decision of qaulity (no turning back) a decision is the open door to the reality of manifestation of change in your life. Until you make a decision, nothing will happen. (it brings the invisible into the visible(tangible) in you)


Once you have made  a quality decision, no devil in hell can stop you and all of heaven backs you up


2. Turn over your will to God totally and completely. The will is very     powerful, most of our life we have been doing our will, instead of the     fathers. You have to let your will die and receive the fathers. Godís     will, will never override or supercede your will. Is 1:19 if you are     willing, you will eat the fat of the land.

Nothing happens on the outside, until something happens on the inside


3. You must possess a strong desire to change, someone else desiring for you will not affect you.


When you make a decision, then begin to build a fence around that decision.


How do you possess desire? desire comes from what we give our attention to. If you attend to the word, you will desire the word, if  you attend to a business, you will desire that business. If you donít attend to something after you have the desire, you will lose that desire.
Desires are created, by what we attend to.


4. Deepen your knowledge base . We must increase our knowledge, if our life experience is to increase. You cannot do more than what you know to do , if your knowledge is shallow and small, your life experience will be shallow and small

For example, a marriage goes through the same arguments and discussions , because the knowledge is not deeper, the experience is not deeper. How to deepen your knowledge, tapes, word. Video.


5. Look into the word as your mirror to change. When we look in the mirror in the natural, if we want to develop our body, we use that mirror as a refelection to indicate to us how we have changed (sunburn)..


The word is the same, a change is a change reflected in the mirror of Godís word. Allow your life to be a mirror image of the word of God.


The word of God provides evidence of change, it proves the will of  God in your life

6. Dilligently apply the truths from the word that you have learnt day     by day. It is no good learning truths and then we donít apply them.


You wonít change if you only do things every now and then.

Continously apply and do, many people failto renew their mind,  because they are not consistent, consistency is the key to  breakthrough.

7.  Guard the entrances of your heart, proverbs 4 out of it flows the  issues of life. The issues of life grow out of your heart. Every time you try to change, itís whatís entering in through your eyes, ears and  on your mouth, that is keeping you the same, when you are trying to change.

8.  Defend your mind against thoughts, the old thoughts, the old way of doing things, thoughts and suggestions that come to try to convince you to go backwards. He will use thevery thing that he got you with the last time, the old thoughts of people and things.
     That thought that says, why donít you do this. Donít take the thought,      pull it down from rising against the word of God. You are not that      person anymore.

9.  Be selective of what you expose yourself to.

10. Dis-associate yourself from things of the past, the old ties, habits      phil 3:13 the one thing i have got, i have the one thing out of all the      other things, i have gone through.


Forget the past, the past can be a crutch, ďthis is why i am like this?Enbsp;press in on your future in God.


Peter wanted to go back fishing, back to his past, trying to fish again, until God intervened

11. Be open to correction and be teachable, when corrected by the word, donít use excuses, well i donít know if i agree with that! proverbs 3:12 whom God loves, he corrects

12. Depend on God for support and surround yourself with Godly men and women, so many people hang with people who donít challenge them to grow, comfort zone is easier.


You cannot change by yourself, surround yourself with full on believers. 

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