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Committed to Setting the Captives Free, in the Fear of the Lord! (Luke 4:18, Is 49:8,9, Is 11:2)




When you feel hopeless, lost, misunderstood, anxious, miserable and depressed. There is a deep pit that you enter into, it draws you in,


The pit is inside yourself. At first it seems like there is some comfort there, away from all the decisions and annoyances of life. But all too quickly comfort fades, to be replaced by loneliness.


Then this pit on the inside yourself, opens up into an even greaer pit, that seeks to draw you in. It seems like the more you try to resist, the more you are drawn in.


Soon the sides of the pit become so steep that it seems impossible to climb out of.


It is at that point that it seems like there is no way out, but to take the ultimate way out, suicide.


It seems like no one knows nor understands the pain you are going through, the desperation, the loneliness, the hopelessness.


Many people and friends especially, will tell you to just snap out of it, get over it, they just don't understand, the reality of that pit of despair.


This is not a place to tell you that you shouldn't suicide, you already know that you shouldn't.


When You feel as though you are falling, falling into that pit, that empty hole, then the more you fall, the easier seems the solution that ending it all is the answer, the way out.


All your waking thoughts now begin to be centred on a way out, even your dreams are now becoming filled with the same conclusion.


Everyday, voices in your head tell you to end it all, that you are different, that for you there is no other way out.




It is not the end of your life, but the beginning of your realisation of the truth, that you are not alone, someone is with you and has drawn you toward reading this page, yes you see it is not by accident that you are reading this, it is so that you will begin to know the truth that will make you free.


How do I know, because once I was also trapped in that same pit, that prison of despair and the same close friend that has drawn you to this page, also drew me into the awesome truth that somebody loves you and me closer than a brother.


What you want is a way out, but is there another way out?


I know that the last thing you want to hear about is God, but shouldn't you consider everything before you act, after all, what if there really is another way out! shouldn't you know about it?


To talk about this, first we have to understand some things, you may have heard the phrase eternal life, but did you know that everyone has eternal life!


You see, you are a spirit and you have a soul, you don't have a spirit, you are one and your spirit is eternal and together with your soul, it will live forever outside of your body.


Right now your spirit and your soul live inside your earthly body, which is like an earth suit container, which carries you round whilst you are on earth.


But when you die, your spirit and soul leave your body for eternity.


But it is your choice where and in which place you spend eternity.


Did you know that you are God's chosen person, he chose you from before the beginning of your life to be a joint heir of his kingdom.


Why I hear you say, if God chose me how come there is so much hopelessness and trouble in the world, everyday babies are killed and are starving.


Yes, I agree, but now consider this, what if the same someone who talks to you in your head, telling you to end it all, were to turn out to be the same one that is responsible for all the untold misery and suffering in the world, all the death and destruction that is happening?


What if this same one was at the root of suggestions that are causing the deaths people, babies and the innocent who die in wars?


What if this same one is the very reason many are living in poverty, pain and are starving all over the world?


What if this same person orchestrated all of this by suggestion and persuasion in such a way that a God whose very nature is to love, were to constantly get the blame?


Does this mean that all the blame would then lie with this one? He is certainly responsible for the root suggestion, but we are responsible by choice for making it a reality.


So if there is a God and He is all powerful, then surely He created the one that you claim is doing all the talking to me in my head!


That's exactly right he did create the very same one, he made him perfect and beautiful to behold, so beautiful in fact that he began to think that he was more important than the one who created him.


So one day he rebelled against God and was cast out of heaven, now he seeks to ascend above God and his means is to use the very one that is so precious and special to God, YOU!


If this one can persuade you to end it all, then he gets you to spend eternity separated from God.


Since God loves you so much, that would hurt God immeasurably, it would grieve him and would be the very opposite of the purpose that he created you for, which was for you to become like Him a son or daughter of a living God


So are we stuck in this life, like useless pawns, being dragged backwards and forwards by a God and an anti god. If we remain hopeless and desperate, yes we are.


But consider this, God has made a way of escape.


Firstly God has determined some ground rules for deception, it can only come in the area that is common to man, or in other words, when you are  living in the systems devised by man (and the one who is driving man, satan) you are open to the voices in your head that which seek to lie to you, confuse you, deceive you and draw you into your ultimate destruction.


satan dwells in the pit that he is so desperately drawing you in to.


The way of escape is to begin to live in the ways that are not devised by men, but are devised by God, who cannot lie, or in other words God's system of operation



That you begin to be in control of your situations and circumstances, instead of them being in control of you!




By being guided by the one who knows everything, the one who drew you into reading this page and is drawing you into the truth that will make you free, if you begin to receive his truth


In this world there are many 'truths', but there is only one truth that transcends this world, this truth is a real person, who is alive forever more, his name is Jesus and we need to receive him into our lives, so that he can begin to teach us how to be in control of all our situations and circumstances, by his system



God's way for us to live is based upon  seed time and harvest, whatever has happened in our life is a result of what has been sown into our life, either by us, or someone else, nothing just happens. Words are Seeds, just like a seed which, when you plant it into soil, it grows, words also grow like seed, when planted into the right soil.


Jesus tells us that the right soil for the word seeds to grow, is your heart, or your spirit, so how do you get the seed words into your heart.


Seed words are sown through the ears, the eyes and spoken by the mouth, the mouth is the most important, because when you speak, you hear and the words are sown into your heart.


There are two kinds of word seeds, good seed and bad seed, so all the words that we have spoken, or that others have spoken into our lives have, just like seeds, begun to grow. Again like seeds that grow, they produce fruit, either good fruit, or bad fruit, this fruit, the result of word seed begins to shape and control our lives and ultimately our destiny.




First begin to realise that every word is sown and that our life now is a result of every word that we have spoken, or that has been spoken over us by others.


In order to change our destiny, we need to change the words that we speak




To live in God's way, we need to speak God's words and live as God has designed for us to live. Why? so that we will begin to get the same results that Jesus got. (John 14:12)


The first step on this journey is to receive Jesus into your heart  Why? so that you will be saved, saved from what? suicide and destruction and that he will then guide you into all his truth.


Want to know more about being in control of situations and circumstances then go to The Kingdom of God's System.

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